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Make Urdu Poster Free

Make Urdu Poster Free In this post I will show you how you can make urdu poster free. For this purpose you will need two software. First software is Inpage Urdu 2009 and second is Photoshop 7, These two softwares can be download from our website. Make Urdu Poster Free For this download inpage 2009

Making Website without Skills

In this post I will discuss about making website Without Skills or coding. The importance of a website is increasing daya by day. If you want to earn some money from Internet then website designing is a good idea. Website is actually a online shop that works 24 hours as a sales man for you.

Write Urdu Beautifully

In this post I will show you that how you can write urdu beautifully. For this purpose you need two software. First Software is Inpage Urdu and second one is Adobe Photoshop 7. As these software are old and became open source softwares. Inpage Urdu is world’s most famouse and known software for urdu writing