Learn Inpage Urdu keyboard

Learn Inpage Urdu keyboard

In our today post you will Learn Inpage Urdu keyboard. What is Inpage Urdu keyboard and how it works. Our today Topic is very intresting for al lPakistani Peoples who use Inpage urdu 2009. As we know that urdu is national language of Pakistan. This language is also used worlwide for various purposes.

In Inpage Urdu there are three or four types of keyboards. pashtu, farsi, Arabic and Phonetic. For urdu writing Phonetic keyboard is being used frequently. Below you can see the image of Phonetic key Board also.

Learn Inpage Urdu keyboard

To activate Phonetic keyboard go to edit menu. In edit menu select preferences. In preferences select phonetic keyboard and press ok. Actually Phonetic keyboard is most near to our mind. It is very very easy keyboard layout for us. Especially in Pakistan this key board is famous in Pakistan.

There are many software for writing Urdu. Inpage Urdu is the best software in pakistan. In inpage urdu 2009 may advance option are available. You can work with shapes and tables. For Pakistani peoples Phonetic key board option is best.

Inapge Urdu Keyboard Learning from Raja Ha on Vimeo.

Last Lines of Learn Inpage Urdu keyboard

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