Making Website without Skills

In this post I will discuss about making website Without Skills or coding. The importance of a website is increasing daya by day. If you want to earn some money from Internet then website designing is a good idea. Website is actually a online shop that works 24 hours as a sales man for you. If have a website and some usefull informations or material is available then it is nice. Your website has something nice for peoples is like a Good Shop.

Making Website without Skills

First of all Some years ago the concept of making website without skills was a dream. But not it is very easy to do so after introducing the Content management system. Content Management System (CMS) makes website designing easy. The world’s most famouse and best CMS is wordpress.

After purchasing a domain name and hosting you have to just install wordpress. WordPress can be installed through Ccpanel. After Installing the WordPress you need to make database in My Sql. In config.php file add this data.

After installing the wordpress next step is to select the themes and plugin, Plugins plays a very important Roll in the ground of website developing. You can choose your desired plugin from your dashboard plugins directory.

The major and main thing after designing your website is SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optamization. The value of a website is actually its seo. For this purpose you can install Yoast SEO plugin in wordpress.

backlinks also plays a very important rule in ranking a website. Facebook is a cheap social media service for advertisement of a small bussiness. After making website complete you can apply for Google Adsense Services for earning money. One thing you should remember is that Google does accept invalid Trafiic.

Beacause Normal and natural Traffic is necessary and the last line of this Article I say that WordPress is Best Content management System for designing website without skills. Therefore, This article will be helpful for you.

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