Write Urdu Beautifully

In this post I will show you that how you can write urdu beautifully. For this purpose you need two software. First Software is Inpage Urdu and second one is Adobe Photoshop 7. As these software are old and became open source softwares. Inpage Urdu is world’s most famouse and known software for urdu writing in Computer. Hundred Percent of peoples are using this software for urdu writing.Inpage urdu can be used in all versions of windows. I have already write a post about how write Urdu Beautifully in glowpc.com but that website has closed. Now I will show you detailed instuction and step by step procedure to write urdu beautifully. Urdu is national language of Pakistan. And Every Pakistani want to write in urdu. After learning this tutorial you will also be able to make urdu poster, banners and urdu posts.

First Step: In First Step Download Inpage Urdu from this link.

write urdu beautifully

Step No.2: In Step 2 download Adobe Photoshop 7 by Clcking Picturue below

Write urdu beautifully

Step No.3: In Step 3 Open Inpage Urdu 2009 and in Edit menu go prefrences < keyboard < phonetic and Write

write urdubeautifully

Your are seeing Write Urdu Beautifully

Step No.4: In Step 4 Go to File Menu < Export < Browse < (Export as Encapsulated) < and save

write urdu beautifully

You can also earn money by making these type of banner for your friends. The value of writing urdu beautifully has rised. During election very voter want to show himself on facebook. I saw that many peoples are seeling urdu poster services on facebook. You know that every person cannt purchase expensive.

Step No.5: In next step open recently save file in Photoshop 7 and Press Ctrl+A  then Ctrl + X

write urdu beautifully

Step No.6: In step 6 open a photo on which you want this Urdu text and Paste by pressing ctrl+V

write urdu beautifully

Step No.7: After pasting text and double click on layer show in image, Now work with options and your work complete.

Step No.8: In last step save this file as jpeg or png in your computer and final result will come.. Please comments.

write urdu beautifully



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