Learn Inpage Urdu Keyboard

Learn Inpage Urdu Keyboard

Learn Inpage Urdu Keyboard is our today topic. First of all you need to learn inpage Urdu 2009. Inpage urdu is most famous software that is being used in Pakistan. I will tell you step by step process of using inpage keyboard. I suggsests you to install inapge urdu 2009 first. So let start..

Step -1

In step one open inpage and click on edit:-

Learn Inpage Urdu Keyboard


In Step select preferences and then Keyboard preferences:-

Learn Inpage Urdu Keyboard


In step 3 after selecting above option select phonetic and press ok.

Learn Inpage Urdu Keyboard

Now your default keyboard for urdu writing has been selected.

Now it is time to learn. You have to repeat above process again and click on Phonetic button.

Learn Inpage Urdu Keyboard


After clicking on phonetic keyboard will appear. This is final learning thing you are seeing. In this you can see the process of typing. You will learn which button you have to press to write your desired thing.

Learn Inpage Urdu Keyboard

Hope my this tutorial will help you. You can also subcribe us on Youtube. There are many tutorials are available on net. But this is best and easy way in steps. Inpage is a very nice software. With the help of inpage you can type urdu in different styles. But dont worry if you could not understood.

You have to search on google inpage urdu keyboard. We are here to help you 24 hours.

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