Make Passport Size Photo

Make Passport Size Photo

In this this post we will learn to Make Passport Size Photo. Photoshop CS will be used. Photoshop cs 6 is most popular photo Editing software.


1. First of all you need to have photoshop latest version in your pc.

make passport size photo

2.  In first step download photo sample given above. In next step open Photoshop and open this sample.

3.  Now open main image and select its resolution to 300 pxl.

make passport size photo

make passport size photo

4.  In Next step copy desired main picture and paste in frame sample as shown in below image:


Make Passport Size Photo

5.  Now all work has been done and we need some enhancements. I need to increase brightness. For this purpose go to image adjustment <<< Curve

Use always in Photoshop. Photoshop is best and famouse photo editing software in world. There are many photo editors but this is best. Photoshop has many advance photo editing options in it.

Make Passport Size Photo:-

  1. Download sample file from here.
  2. Open main image and set its resolution to 300 Pxl
  3. copy desired part of you picture
  4. Now open sample photo
  5. Paste your copied main pic into sample frames
  6. To Increase brightness Go to << image<< adjustments<< curves
  7. Save your image and Enjoy.

Hope you will enjoy and like my post make passport photo.


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