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Download Zapya for Laptop from our website now. Zapya is a software used for Wifi file transfer. With the help of Zapya you can transfer files from Laptop to Mobile at high speed. If you want to remove the cable and card readers. Then this is the best and fastest software.

zapya for laptop
If you are here, you should have heard of one of the best and coolest ways to transfer files from one platform to another which is Zapya for Laptop Download for PC, wireless. Speaking of zapya for pc, that is the best and most beautiful. part in zapya of pc application is that, it can transfer files to all OS platforms. such as Android, Windows Phone, iOS and others.

zapya for laptop
Computer Zapya for Laptop does not need to connect to any type of WiFi and mobile data.Download Zapya faster than bluetooth between two devices.
ownload has a huge worldwide response. More than 100 million users use this update in PC application. The zapya transfer speed for pc is fast, the transfer speed is up to 10mb / second.

Download laptop

The most important feature of zapya on pc is that. can install them on your friend’s devices on its own without bothering you. Zapya for .PC is a very smart app that compares to others. nor does it need to download separately. In zapya of pc app. one can transfer. any type of file. such as apps, music.

pictures or almost everything else. Other games that come with Zapya for PC are YoYo and PaPaPa, besides many others that can be installed with this app. Download the latest pc.
In this article about pc.

you will find something cool, which is how to get a PC on Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 laptop / PC. I confirm that. at the end of this article you will be downloaded and installed on Windows pc / laptop successfully. You can download it directly from zapc to your pc.

Zapya for Laptop  download features: –

Zapya for pc has tons and tons of features. Download has a free and independent sharing network feature. Zapya for pc allows you to transfer files without any data network type or any type of wifi connection. No data usage, No internet required to use computer updates. Unlimited wireless sharing for pc updates, you can also share files from phone to phone (Between Android, iOS, Windows Pc / phone), phone to PC / Mac wireless. Transfer Any File of any size, Zapya can share photos, music, video, applications, PDF.

Thanks Zapya

or any other file types with unlimited file size.
Amazing transfer speed for zapya pc, 200 times Bluetooth speed! (Speed ​​will be affected by. tools and surrounding objects). Zapya computer completely defeated BlueTooth / NFC / AirDrop. Zapya Computer is the best you know.

Group Sharing in new pc, Multiple files of all types can be sent simultaneously. to a group of friends (Up to 5 simultaneously, PC up to 64).
Capturing photos, transferring party photos and videos to your close friends in seconds are important features of the new computer. Download now.

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